Quarantine finally got the best of you, sitting in front of a monitor to either work or relax proves no difference at all. Waking up every day greeted by the same four walls and the same blaring screen has gotten you bored and tired of the same old routine. That was until you passed by a post about camping and the glorious escape the great outdoors can offer you. You sit on your chair imagining the smell of burning wood, the sound of strong winds playing with the leaves of the trees. Okay, you are sold, “I’m going camping…but am I prepared?”

Don’t worry, we have prepared a simple 3 question guide so you can ask yourself if you are ready to bring out your inner Bear Grylls.

1. What type of camping experience do you want?

There are different ways you can dive into the world of camping. You can join an experienced camper or his group as you pitch tents and explore the outdoors, you can go to a beginner-friendly camping destination where local stores are just within an arm’s reach just in case you don’t know how to build a proper fire yet or you would opt to go glamping where everything is provided for you with little to no effort needed. Regardless of your camping preference make sure you feel comfortable with the people, location, and reviews other campers have left about the place.

Overall, camping takes you out of your comfort zone and invites you to experience nature in its purest form.

2. Are you mentally and physically prepared to go camping?

Saying you want to go camping is one thing but actually facing nature and its glory is a whole different ball game. This is a good question to ask yourself since you are going out of your comfort zone. Maybe you got a little bit too used to the sedentary lifestyle the work-from-home setup has given you; we advise going for short jogs to raise your cardio and some basic calisthenics such as push-ups and sit-ups to give you some strength to lug around the equipment you will be bringing along.

3. Have I done enough research on the basics of camping?

Learning the ropes in camping is important for any camper because this is the foundation of every advanced skill that can either make or break your overall camping experience. First, you need to know how to set up camp. This goes beyond just setting up a tent. This involves looking for a good location where you will pitch the tent coupled with the possible weather conditions you may be facing (set-up camp near a tree, out in the open or by the sea, etc). Second, can you cook? You can bring some basic equipment such as a small kerosine-powered cooker and a pan coupled with some basic utensils. What matters is that you can cook any raw ingredient be it a can of corned beef or freshly caught fish and turn that ingredient into a deliciously cooked meal. Third, do you have the basic equipment needed for your trip? Usually, the non-negotiables are the swiss army knife, a good waterproof jacket that can isolate heat and protect you from the cold, cooking & eating utensils, a lighter, and a first aid kit (also your medicine if you have any medical conditions).

Overall, camping takes you out of your comfort zone and invites you to experience nature in its purest form. Camping is an excellent activity for people who want a quick escape from urban life and discover new learnings as they continue the activity. Whatever the decision may be, good luck on your first-ever camping excursion!

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