What is Find Kamp?

Find Kamp is a Filipino company that operates a booking platform for camping, it aims to promote the health and wellbeing of Filipinos by providing seamless and comprehensive access to everything outdoors.


To build a nation inspired by nature.

Find Kamp is a growing community of hospitable and adventurous Filipinos. By connecting people with the environment, we aspire to uplift the quality of life and support the growth of our country.


Build the nation.

Everything we do is a service to pay it forward to others. We put together different key elements to unite people together to build a better sense of national identity through culture, nature, and adventure.

Create with simplicity.

We take action not to create complexity but rather to eliminate them. We focus on what is truly important and meaningful, not just to us but to the common good of our society.

Accountable to goodness.

Each and every one of us is passionate and accountable about our mission. We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. But more importantly, we do because we believe that we can have a positive impact to build a better nation for the next generation.


It all started on a car ride home. One morning, we were driving the Marilaque Highway, along the Sierra Madre mountain range in Tanay, Rizal in search of a quiet campsite we can have to ourselves. We spent several hours searching, both online and offline, for the right spot to spend a night with nature and camp. Exhausted from all the back-and-forth search, we found ourselves with a shared frustration and an insight.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we like to focus on the adventure itself and keep everything else simple. With the use of technology, we aim to help travelers and tourists safely and conveniently get outside, experience nature, and enjoy the many camping spaces the country has to offer.

This is how the idea of Find Kamp was born.


We have a competent and diverse team with relevant domain expertise from tech, growth marketing, consumer research, to management consulting. We are outdoor enthusiasts who share the same passion for building a nation inspired by nature.


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