Our Find Kamp host guidelines exist to set expectations within our community. All hosts are expected to review and adhere to these standards to create a positive experience for both Kampers and Keepers.


The safety of our Kampers and Keepers is our utmost priority.

Establish and communicate emergency procedures. Share relevant emergency contact numbers with Kampers, access to first-aid kits, and the location of the nearest hospital. We recommend providing this information in advance of the date of visit and also in your listings’ description.

Manage and minimize hazards. Review your property to identify potential hazards or dangers. Any hazards identified should either be removed or clearly marked.

Setup safety warnings. Provide information about common dangers in your area that Kampers should be aware of such as (but not limited to): wild animals, poisonous plants, strong river currents, weather risks.

Comply with fire safety controls. Conduct research and adhere to the Philippines’ local laws and fire restrictions. If you have campfires, know how to properly and safely set them up before Kampers arrive. We suggest posting your fire safety essentials at your campgrounds to remind Kampers.


Pay it forward and make camping an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Accommodate automobile parking spaces. Provide off or on-street parking for all Kampers. Identify all necessary speed limits, and post banners to remind visitors as necessary.

Be clear with noise requirements. Most Kampers enjoy the peacefulness and stillness of a campground. Make sure you establish quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Dispose of garbage and human waste responsibly. Make your thrash policies clear to all Kampers. Give advice on where exactly they should dispose of in a way that’s good for the environment and compliant with the Philippines’ local laws. A mobile or permitted toilet of some kind is required if you’re hosting Kampers on properties under 30 acres.

Be clear with the rules and expectations of bringing in pets. Indicate in your listings’ description your pet accommodation rules. It is crucial that Kampers understand that they must keep their pets in their control, from harm, and reasonably quiet during quiet hours.


Follow booking regulations in the Philippines.

Pay all relevant taxes. You may be required to pay taxes on income earned via Find Kamp. The following may apply:

Income Tax. Keepers who earn more than ₱250,000 in one calendar year will have to file their income tax under Section 24(A)(2) of the Tax Code of 1997, as amended by the Republic Act No. 10963, to the local government.

Value-added tax (VAT) or percentage tax. Conduct your research and check with the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue to find out if you need to declare the amount your earn from hosting. We also recommend you find out if you are eligible for other credits like tax reliefs, returns, and allowances.

Follow the law. Our mission is to build our nation by connecting Filipinos, and with this, we expect our Keepers to comply with all applicable laws. Do your research and ensure your hosting activities are compliant some examples are (but are not limited to): land, business registration, authorization documents, and DENR documents (only if applicable). Some of these regulations can be found within zoning codes, building codes, and country ordinances.


We are on a mission of building a community of good-natured people.

Communicate with your Kampers. Stay in contact with your guests before and during their stay, and be responsive to their requests and inquiries – ideally within a 24-hour period. Doing this will make them feel secure and supported. Our support team is more than happy to help you with this if needed.

Accept booking requests. Avoid disappointing potential Kampers by keeping your listing and calendar up to date, and accepting requests for available dates. Ensure your listings are correct to set the right expectations.

Maintain positive ratings. Keepers who set clear expectations, create stress-free experiences, and stay available for Kampers are most likely to get good ratings. Address your Kampers’ concerns immediately and learn from these experiences.

Only cancel bookings if necessary. Cancellations create a disappointing and hassle experience for Kampers, so we expect our Keepers to honor all scheduled bookings. There may be unforeseen circumstances beyond your control that may lead to a warranted cancellation. We won’t hold those cases against you but we would like to remind you to always communicate with your Keepers ahead of the cancellation and explain the cause of it. Unwarranted cancellations will impact how your listings appear and are promoted in Find Kamp and can result in deactivation.

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