Camping is more than just an activity for some, it is a way of life. Some people camp for fun to temporarily escape the hectic city life and some people camp to reconnect with nature and recover, searching for new perspectives throughout their camping experience.

In this article, I am going to discuss the different forms of camping experiences and just what people find interesting with these experiences.

1. Camping – This is your textbook definition of camping and what we often see in TV shows and movies, for this was the occasion where you finally get to call yourself a boy scout. Tents, Campfire, and good company are the three key ingredients for camping. This is as barebones and simple as it gets when it comes to camping.

2. Car Camping – Car camping for some is a bit confusing. Some define it as sleeping inside your car (good luck with the back cramps) and some people define car camping as literally taking your car to the campsite. Whatever definition you may have, this form of camping involves your four-wheel vehicle anywhere you go. Providing an added layer of convenience and security for your camping experience.

3. Backpacking/Hiking Camping – This one is for the feeling nomads among us. Backpacking or Hiking camping involves camping while moving along a planned trail, this could be slow progress up a certain mountain and pitching a tent when it gets dark and packing up in the morning, and making way going up. This is reserved for the experienced or mid-experienced camper since this is not only tiring but it is also dangerous given that every night you will be switching locations, therefore you must have advanced knowledge of the terrain and nature within your trail.

4. Overland Camping / Overlanding – Some may confuse this with car camping and to further confuse you. All overlading is car camping but not all car camping is Overlanding. In essence, you need a 4×4 truck to get to your rough and hard to get to terrain, usually, this is not only for the adventurous but also for people seeking exclusivity by reaching campsites that few have gone to before. Locations for Overlanding include rivers near or underneath a waterfall, rocky terrain, etc.

5. Glamping – Glamping has started to pick up steam because it provides people with the experience of nature whilst being the comfort of something similar to a resort. Glamping is short for glamorous camping, usually reserved for the influencer in you and beginners, this is a great way to also bring family members that don’t have yet the proper experience to camp or may be hindered by old age, such as your children or lolo and lola.

6. Backyard Camping – I hear you, for some people, this may not be camping but this can be a good and controlled scenario for camping with little to no risk involved. Backyard camping is essentially camping just right in your backyard, this is a great form of activity usually reserved for children so they can have their mini-adventure, or maybe you just want a change of scenario from your bedroom. From sleeping under a fluorescent light bulb why not spend the night underneath the stars and be greeted by the sun upon waking up. This is a great option for people who are too young, under budget, or just want a simple change of pace without having to plan too much.

How about you? What type of camping experience are you looking for?

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