Bulod - Daytrip

Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
Bulod - Daytrip
SQ Footage: 15,000
Sites/Rooms: 5
Bathrooms: 8
Pets: Allowed
Check-in: After 11:00 am
Check-out: Before 10:00 am

Bulod is a campsite developed together with the local Dumagat community to create a new livelihood.


Camping Information

  • Self-service camping 
  • Bring your own tent and camping gear or rental is available 
  • Security at night is available (our caretakers and 2 Brgy. Tanods are assigned)

Rentals and Services

There are various camping gear rentals and outdoor activities that you can book when you are at the site. Payments are made directly to the locals. Please prepare a cash payment before the activity. Please inquire at Camp Tanaw’s reception area. 

  • Tent rental (for 2pax)
  • Sheets & pillows rental (per pax)
  • Kayak (for 2pax)
  • Camping cooking kits with gas rental
  • Tour guide & adventure services 
  • Transportation services (Tricycle, Boat, Land Rover)

Food & Kitchen

  • Bring and cook your own
  • Cafe Bulod located at Camp Tanaw brings you all the menu from available restaurants in the area (orders and food will be delivered to you at Camp Masayo)
  • Mineral water has a fee per water gallon

Utilities and Internet

  • Operating only on solar power for lights, fans, and charging of phones
  • Power generators are only used up to 6hrs daytime for charging or emergency (between 10 AM to 10 PM only) and are only available for exclusive full rental
  • There is no signal in the area! You have to walk a few meters to get a decent signal. The wifi inside the campsite has an antenna to get a signal, however, it is intermittent and only good for messaging purposes (so we cannot guarantee a good connection)



  • Fully Vaccinated for Adults

Transportation Information


Booking of Transportation going to Camp Masayo is available at the lounge area of Camp Tanaw during your check-in. Below are the options:

  • After parking, there is a platform boat to cross the river with a fee of P20/pax (2min)
  • Option 1 after crossing the river: Land Rover (4×4) rental is available to transport you to the campsite P500 per batch/ride (batch of up to 8pax)  – No River Crossing
  • Option 2 after crossing the river: Tricycle rental is available to transport you to the campsite P50 to P100 per batch/ride (batch of up to 4pax) – No River Crossing
  • Another boat ride is needed to cross the river with a fee of P10/pax (2min)
  • Luggage assistance aside in excess of hand-carry items may be charged (you can negotiate this with the tour guides)
  • Only 4×4 vehicles can go directly to our campsite and will require assistance from 4×4 guides 
  • Please prepare cash for payments for transportation before the trip

Full Campsite Rental Package

  • Minimum of 25pax
  • Includes full campsite facilities, huts, studio room, and power Genset (6 hours use)
  • Overnight rates apply to full campsite rental

Terms & Conditions

Please see Terms & Conditions for more information.


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